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Rick Pallack(non-registered)
A wonderful portfolio of awesome pictures:
Dan Dutcher(non-registered)
Hi Justin,
Just discovered your amazing work via a friend. Great talent, can't wait to see what this summer at the beach brings to your camera's lense. Great meeting you this week.
Hi Justin,
I can readily see your Colorado connections. As for the photo's..... Awesome and spectacular come to mind.
These are truly exceptional examples of an artistic vision encapsulated in fleeting moments of time and rendered so pleasing to both the eye and the soul.
Adroit use of mini HDR I believe in the abandoned car photo.) Your work has instantly become a guiding inspiration for my future photographic endeavors. I look forward to viewing future examples of your work as they become available.
linda peterson(non-registered)
OUTSTANDING ~~~~~~~~~~ OUTSTANDING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OUTSTANDING ~~~~~~~~
Lee Ann Johnson(non-registered)
Hi Justin - I met you briefly at the bottom of Rocky National Park when you were taking pictures of the 2 large bucks lying down. Your photos (website) is amazing! It was great to meet you! :)
Aunt Jude Ann(non-registered)
Justin, you are amazing! I will keep checking back to see your incredible photos. Do you have any taken in Annapolis?
Joe Smith(non-registered)
Such a talent and an eye to make such beautiful captures of nature and life.
Sean K Kramer(non-registered)
What a great site. You have some amazing photos. Keep up the great work.
Kyle Falgowski(non-registered)
Thank you for the beach pictures of my three dogs. For others reading this, Justin captured amazing action pictures of my three bearded collies on the sandbars of Lewes Beach. The photos were a surprise present for my wife. She cried looking through the album. The quality and attention are top notch, and we will cherish these for a long time Thanks again.
Joe Lacko(non-registered)
When is the 2014 Calendar coming out?
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